Sunday, June 6, 2021

Free UK and Irish Horse Racing Tips

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Wee Loch Lass Placed@1.32
Beyond the Clouds★ Won@1.72


1-6 Thunder Eclipse Placed@1.41
2-2 Even Flow Placed@1.40
3-1 Wood Ranger
4-1 Lynwood Gold
5-8 Emporio Placed
6-4 Kew Palace
7-2 Mulzamm
8-11 Saldier


1-4 Starshiba Placed@2.50
2-6 Gold Souk
3-2 Wee Loch Lass Placed@1.32
4-7 East Asia Won@2.75
5-2 Beauty Choice
6-5 Tiger Beetle  Placed@1.18
7-7 Run Forrest Run


1-3 Will Carver Won@1.83
2-3 Rock on Rocco Placed@1.75
3-11 Dagian
4-1 Beyond the Clouds Won@1.72
5-10 Land of Smiles Won@5.50
6-7 Lord Condi Won@7.00
7-6 Father's Advice Withdrawn